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The world’s leading smart entertainment distribution network

Founded in 2015, NOX is committed to developing itself into the world’s leading smart entertainment distribution network, and achieving the internationalization and global distribution of mobile applications through a billion-class data base, deep learning and data mining ability. NoxPlayer, as a part of NOX, is the world’s leading virtual mobile desktop client, and, together with NoxMobi, NoxInfluencer, NoxApp+ and NoxGamer, constitutes a new generation of mobile application distribution network system providing large numbers of users with applications and pan-entertainment contents every month.


We’ve been devoted to be the best in the world since 2015.

The related products and features such as Playable and NoxCleaner launched online to further enhance the promotion results of the advertising platform and provide users with more services.


Team’s upgrading and relocation laid a solid basis for the next three years of development.


NOX’s overseas marketing business of Internet celebrities gained market recognition, and NoxInfluencer became China’s first overseas intelligent connection platform for Internet celebrities.


NOX’s competitive card game for global market “Moba Duels” and APRG game for domestic market “Little Dinosaur Trainer” went through several rounds of testing and officially got launched with satisfactory results; NOX’s overseas intelligent marketing platform NoxInfluencer, which was designed to provide global users with more professional and better-quality overseas marketing services of Internet celebrities.

JULY 2017

Nox Gamer, NoxApp+ and other products launched, along with NoxMobi, completing the whole solutions for the overseas promotion of domestic games including the pre-registration, effect promotion and brand promotion before and after a game is launched; NOX’s global DAU exceeded three million.

APRIL 2017

NOX’s domestic and foreign distribution business launched, with focus on the distribution of high-quality games; the market promotion of NOX’s whole product series primarily in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, with some noticeable results.


NOX’s rapid growth of advertising business; taking responsibility for its own profit and loss; the start of the “2.0 Era”.


NOX got recognized by several awards including You Ding Awards –Most Rapid Technology Development Enterprise, and Mobile Applications Award-Most Potential Applications as Tools and Most Innovative Cloud Service Provider; NOX qualified as China’s high-tech enterprise.


NOX’s advertising business NoxMobi launched.


NOX’s domestic game distribution business launched; a live show integration platform yeshen.tv launched.


NOX’s cloud-based mobile phone officially launched; NOX became the world’s leading and China’s first APP cloud-based technology service provider.


Emulator’s peak value reached 1.56 million DAUs across the world; complete A-round financing.

JULY 2016

Great success in promotion at the global market, with 1.5 million DAUs.

JUNE 2016

First anniversary marking the launch of NOX’s product series online, and reaching a total of more than ten million users.

APRIL 2016

More dynamic promotion in the global market; strategic partnership with Kakao; started gaming business in the domestic market.

MARCH 2016

Had more than 460,000 daily active emulator users, representing the largest share in vertical market; monthly income surpassed one million yuan.


Launched NOX’s brand upgrading and started to use the new domain name yeshen.com.


Have over 300,000 active emulator users, signifying the achievement of the first-year goal; NOX desktop system was launched.


Reached more than one million users; launched NOX co-operation platform online; started internationalization of products.


Nox App Player’s DAU surpassed 100,000 after public testing; completed Pre-A round financing; developed strategic partnership with Garena.


Became the first in the industry to support Win10 system; launched NOX promotion alliance online.

JUNE 2015

Launched the public testing of products (Nox App Player, game center and developer center).

MARCH 2015

Built the team, completed Angel financing, determined products and direction, conducted close-door R & D, and completed archive-filing of the official website.

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