As the global leading game development and operation organization, as well as the largest online gaming community in China, Tencent Games has been one of the worldwide benchmarking partners of Noxmobi for years. The latest collaboration between Tencent Games and Noxmobi is in April 2018, at which Noxmobi brought 7,700 target users for its game-Kingdom Craft.
Nexon, the top level video game company in Korea, who has launched a number of popular games such as Dungeon-Fighter, Popkart, TalesWeaver, and Maplestory, has been one of the long-term partners of Noxmobi since 2016. In April 2018, Noxmobi brought 30,000 target users for Nexon’s three popular games--다크어벤저3, 액스(AxE) and overhit.
Kunlun Games is a game publisher who covers the developments of worldwide mobile games, page games, and PC games and has launched many popular games such as SwordofSoul, The Grand Duelist, and Heroes of Chaos. In the latest collaboration in April 2018, Noxmobi brought 12,000 target users for its two games-- Dragon Nest M and Goddess: Primal Chaos which leads to the rising trend of customer satisfaction.
Netmable is the first big mobile game company, who owns a series of popular games such as Love Nikki and StoneAge. In the latest collaboration in Nov. 2017, Noxmobi brought 140,000 target users for its two games--Lineage 2: Revolution and MARVEL: Future Fight and became one of the worldwide best advertising service channels who drives the most traffic to Netmable.
4399, China’s leading mini-game specialist website, has launched games such as The kingdom of Locke and Reaming Westward Journey 3. In the latest collaboration in February 2018, NoxInfluencer promoted its game Tiny Battleground in Indonesia and Vietnam by YouTube videos which gained more than 2 million views in a short time. After the promotion, this game soared to No. 6 on the gaming ranking list of Indonesia’s Google play charts.
Keep, as the mainland’s No. 1 fitness application with social function, has extended its business to many countries and areas. After the promotion on YouTube with several Influencers, Keep spread its brand awareness for more than 180,000 times and gained a large number of loyal users in the United States. Up to now, the daily new users are significantly higher than before.